“I am a middle and high school environmental science teacher at a private school. One of my core classes is an exploration of renewable energy and electric vehicle technologies. I hope to inspire young minds by planting seeds of thought that will grow into action in the areas of renewable energy and electric vehicles that will, in turn, change the way we power our civilization. In class, we have constructed several renewable energy projects with the most noteworthy being a 600 watt off-grid PV solar array and a solar air heater furnace that heats our classroom on cold, sunny, winter days. Soon we will be upgrading our solar array to a 5.6 kW solar farm that will power our classroom, solar furnace, and a Level 2 charging station that will power our company car – a Nissan Leaf EV – on-site generated, sunshine provided electricity. What a great teaching tool it is to be able to show students the connection between solar energy and EV’s and see their eyes light up when they realize that they too can drive a car powered by clean sunshine…and one electric car at a time – change the world.”
‒ Steve O’Neil