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Electric Transit Buses in North Carolina

Electric buses are continuing to emerge in North Carolina. As of 2020, nine transit systems spanning cities, organizations and universities across the state have added or will soon add the technology to their fleets. This transition from diesel to electric for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles comes with impactful environmental and health benefits as well as long-term savings. To learn about the benefits of electric buses, click here. 


Electric Buses in North  Carolina:

  • City of Greensboro
    • In early 2019, the City of Greensboro became the first city in North Carolina to add electric buses to its fleet. It currently has 16 in operation.
  • Raleigh-Durham International Airport
    • Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU) was the first public body in the Triangle to use electric buses when it brought on four in May 2019. Earlier this year, RDU decided to purchase four more.
  • City of Asheville
    • In summer 2019, the City of Asheville got its five electric buses on the road.
  • GoTriangle
    • In January 2020, GoTriangle revealed its two electric buses and two charging stations.
  • Duke University
    • In October 2018, Duke University announced the purchase of two electric buses that it expects to debut this year.
  • GoR​aleigh
    • In August 2019, GoRaleigh announced it would be purchasing five electric buses.
  • Chapel Hill Transit
    • Chapel Hill Transit purchased three electric buses in 2019. They are expected to start operation in 2021.
  • Charlotte Area Transit System
    • In June 2020, the Charlotte Area Transit System was awarded a federal grant to purchase electric buses and charging stations.