Driving Electric from the Mountains to the Sea

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1-Year Travel Cost Comparison

Gas $1,250.00 12,000 MILES/YR
Electric $400.00 12,000 MILES/YR

Our studies have shown that the number one reason North Carolinians switch to driving electric is to save money. Not only are you saving on fuel costs but also on maintenance, since electric vehicles have fewer parts than gas-powered cars.

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Become A Member Organization

Plug-in NC member organizations have demonstrated a commitment to supporting electric vehicles. They have installed charging stations, purchased electric fleet vehicles or completed electric vehicle education and outreach activities. Their support and efforts are helping to drive electric vehicle adoption in North Carolina.

Member Organization Perks

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    Get recognized on the Plug-in NC website
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    Get highlighted in the Plug-in NC newsletter and social media accounts
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    Receive invitations to member-only events
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    Connect with others who are supporting electric vehicle adoption in North Carolina
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Featured Member Organization

Town of Cary

Plug-in Facts:

– 5 Charging Stations
– 1 Electric Fleet Vehicle

“Smart communities like the Town of Cary enjoy opportunities to test new technologies. Pilots like our public EV charging stations and our fleet all-electric Nissan Leaf help us to determine if broader application can reduce our costs, reduce our environmental impacts, and/or provide amenities for our citizens and visitors.”
‒ Emily Barrett

Click here to visit the Town of Cary’s website


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Become An Ambassador

Plug-in NC ambassadors are passionate about electric vehicles. By volunteering at events and giving presentations, ambassadors help Plug-in NC promote electric driving across the state.

Ambassador Perks

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    Help with Plug-in NC events
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    Network with other electric vehicle enthusiasts
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    Get highlighted on the Plug-in NC website
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Featured Ambassador


Helen has attended and presented at multiple events, including car shows, church groups and Plug-in NC meetups. She has been driving electric for over two years and loves to share her experiences with others. Thank you, Helen, for your support!