License Plate FAQ

Thank you for your interest in the North Carolina specialty electric vehicle (EV) license plate campaign! Below are answers to some questions we’ve received.

Can I get this plate if I do not drive an EV?

Yes, there are no restrictions on who can get the plate, though its intended purpose is to spread awareness that a given vehicle is electric.

What are the next steps of this effort?

We are currently collecting applications for the license plate and need more to keep the process moving. You can access the application and directions on filling it out here.

Everyone who submits an application will be entered to win $500, but the drawing will only happen if we receive the 500 total applications we need, so please help us out! If you have already submitted an application, there is no action for you to take — you have been entered into the drawing.

At the same time, we’ve provided documentation about the license plate to the NCDMV, who has passed this information on to the N.C. General Assembly. The General Assembly will vote on whether to approve the plate. The plate unanimously passed the House (it’s on a bill with a few other hopeful specialty designs) but is currently stalled in the Senate.

Assuming it passes, we have two months to submit all 500 applications, and then the plate will be finalized and issued.

What happens if we do not get enough support?

We are committed to seeing this license plate campaign through. If we don’t get the necessary 500 applications this year, we hope to carry the momentum through to the next. We’ll be sure to keep everyone updated on our progress.

How much does the license plate cost?

The standard specialty license plate will cost $10 annually (due in addition to regular license fees). A personalized version of the plate, where you choose the characters, will cost an additional $30 (for a total of $40 annually). These fees are required by the NCDMV for specialty designs.

However, we have secured funding to cover applicants’ initial $10 fee.

How many characters are displayed on the license plate? Will we be able to request specific ones?

The license plate, like all North Carolina specialty plates, has four character spots. The vertical “EV” will appear at the end of every plate.

With the standard $10 version of the plate, you do not get to choose specific characters. If you want to have this option, you will need a personalized version, which costs an additional $30 annually. When requesting a personalized plate, the license plate application asks for your top two preferences. It will likely take several months to find out which choice went through.

Do we have any choice over the colors used on the plate?

The license plate design must be very specific and does not leave room for adjustments. We’ll need to get the 500 applications for this particular design (including its color) in order to move forward.