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Duke Energy EV Charging Infrastructure Project Update

February 10, 2017
By Jonathan Susser

Duke Energy recently announced plans to install over 200 public electric vehicle (EV) charging ports across North Carolina as part of its $1 million EV Charging Infrastructure Project. These charging ports will add to the more than 800 currently in operation throughout the state, representing an increase in the charging network of approximately 30 percent. The goal is for these locations to be online sometime in 2017.

Duke Energy Charging Stations

The project awarded anywhere from one to six charging ports to 83 recipients, which include towns, cities, school systems and more, in almost 50 North Carolina counties. Recipients will receive up to $5,000 per port for purchase and installation and are able to choose specific locations and policies for the equipment.

“EV drivers can travel farther and more freely from major urban centers as vehicle range, confidence in battery technology and availability of public charging infrastructure increase.” – Lisa Poger, Plug-in NC Steering Committee Member

Lisa Poger, Plug-in NC steering committee member and Advanced Energy project manager, served on the project’s selection committee and will be working closely with Duke Energy to provide unbiased and independent assistance to the winners. Specifically, Advanced Energy will offer free services that make the installation process run smoothly, including site selection and best practices considerations, equipment selection insight, and outreach and education. Fourteen recipients have reached out to Advanced Energy so far, with the hope that more will join in.

With the growing popularity of EVs, having the appropriate infrastructure is critical. Therefore, this undertaking will go a long way toward continuing to support this form of transportation in North Carolina.

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