The Benefits of Electric Vehicles

It’s a big change to switch from fueling at the pump to fueling at an outlet, but drivers across the country are seeing the benefits of making this change.


The Benefits

  • piggy-bank
    Cost Savings

    If you drove 12,000 miles in a year, an all-electric vehicle could save you about $1,000 in fuel savings alone! And then you have the maintenance savings on top of that.

  • enviromental-improvements
    Environmental Improvements

    Electric vehicles do not produce emissions while driving on electricity, and they are cleaner even when considering the emissions associated with the electricity needed to charge. In cases where electricity is generated with renewable or nuclear resources, electric vehicles are truly emissions and pollution free.

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    Driving Performance

    Electric vehicles are fun to drive! They have instant torque and offer a very smooth ride. All-electric models have no gasoline engine to cause vibrations and noise.

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    Energy Independence

    Electric vehicles are powered by locally generated electricity, not imported oil. Conventional transportation is wholly dependent on petroleum and results in the U.S. spending over $1 billion per day on foreign oil. Electricity generation in the U.S. uses a diverse mix of domestic sources, and only 1 percent comes from oil.

  • economic-development-2
    Economic Development

    As the demand for electric vehicles increases, more opportunities will be created for research and development, manufacturing, electrical contracting and green tourism. In North Carolina, there has been an increase in battery and charging equipment manufacturing, lithium mining and battery recycling.

  • power-sustain
    Power Sustainability

    Electric vehicles can help encourage sustainability through renewable energy, grid reliability and power outage response. They support greater integration of renewable generation, help manage peak loads, optimize energy effciency, and enable future potential for vehicle-to-grid energy storage and power supply.

Use this EV Fuel Savings Estimator to calculate your potential fuel savings from driving an EV.


You Could Save $795 Per Year

Not only will you save on fuel costs but also maintenance,
since electric vehicles have fewer parts than gas-powered cars.

* This tool provides an estimate and your actual savings might vary.