Battery electric vehicle.

North Carolina’s Electric Cooperatives Electric Vehicle Programs

Electric co-ops across North Carolina offer electric vehicle programs for their members. Look below to see if your co-op provides a program. For more information, click on the co-op’s name to visit the program’s webpage or check out If you know of any programs that are not listed, let us know by emailing

Cape Hatteras Electric Cooperative

Cape Hatteras Electric Cooperative offers $100 rebates to members who purchase a ChargePoint Level 2 Home Charger. The cooperative also has two different time-of-use rates for members who own an EV or have a charging station installed in their Hatteras Island home. One rate is geared toward members who are year-round residents and the other is for members who own a secondary home and have it in a vacation rental program.

Edgecombe-Martin County Electric Membership Corporation

Edgecombe-Martin County EMC offers a time-of-use rate schedule that has discounted rates for charging during off-peak and super off-peak periods. The cooperative also offers a $200 rebate for members purchasing an electric vehicle.


EnergyUnited offers a residential charging station rebate program that provides a rebate of $500 for a Level 2 charging station (limit one per household).

Piedmont Electric Membership Corporation

Piedmont EMC offers a $50 credit on members’ power bills for notifying the cooperative of electric vehicle ownership. An additional $50 credit is provided for signing up for the cooperative’s electric vehicle time-of-use rate, which has discounted rates for off-peak and super off-peak charging.

Randolph Electric Membership Corporation

Randolph EMC manages its REVUP pilot program that offers a $500 Level 2 charging station rebate and a time-of-use rate with on-peak, off-peak and super off-peak periods.

Surry-Yadkin Electric Membership Corporation

Surry-Yadkin EMC offers a $500 rebate for purchasing an electric vehicle. The cooperative also has a time-of-use rate with on-peak, off-peak and super off-peak periods.

Wake Electric Membership Corporation

Wake EMC offers a time-of-use rate with a discount for charging overnight. Additionally, for members on this rate, Wake EMC will purchase and retire the renewable attributes (wind renewable energy certificates) associated with 5,000 kWh each year, an amount that should cover annual charging.