Circle K Charging Challenge

Earlier this summer, we teamed up with Circle K to highlight its bold strategy to deploy electric vehicle (EV) charging stations across its locations nationwide. Its work in the Carolinas is leading the way with eight locations and counting.

To celebrate National Drive Electric Week (Month?) and share some hype around these new charging sites, we’ve kicked off part two of our Circle K partnership: the Circle K Charging Challenge. Here’s the rundown:

The first driver to charge at five of the locations listed below and fill out a survey will win a $50 gift card to Circle K and three months of free charging. The next nine people to complete the challenge will receive one month of charging at any Circle K location.

Here’s how to participate:

  1. Create accounts with the Circle K Charge mobile app (App Store, Google Play) and PlugShare (App Store, Google Play) if you don’t have them already
  2. At each station…
    1. Use the Circle K Charge app to activate the charging session
    2. Check in on PlugShare
    3. Snap a photo
  3. Complete this survey after visiting five locations

Bonus points if you share about the #CircleKChallenge and tag us (@Pluginnc, @CircleKStores) on social media.

Here are the charging locations available for the challenge:

Happy charging!