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What Is Charging as a Service?

It feels like there’s a subscription service for everything these days. From streaming services to community-supported agriculture to pet supplies, organizations are ready to provide an offering for your every need. It may come as a shock (pun intended), but today, this even includes electric vehicle (EV) charging. Many vendors have begun to offer charging as a service (CaaS) as…

April 10, 2024

Regulatory Update: Duke Energy Make-Ready Credit Progress Report

We’ve just hit two years since the North Carolina Utilities Commission (NCUC) approved Duke Energy’s electric vehicle (EV) Make-Ready Credit Program, known better to EV drivers across the state as the “Charger Prep Credit Program.” As part of the program, the NCUC requires Duke Energy to deliver progress reports semiannually, which can provide insight into people’s awareness of the initiative,…

April 9, 2024

Plug-in NC’s National Drive Electric Week Celebration

One of the best ways to learn about electric vehicles is to get in the driver’s seat – and that’s what National Drive Electric Week (NDEW) is all about. NDEW is a nationwide celebration that raises awareness of EVs and provides an opportunity for drivers to share their experiences and show off their cars. In 2023, we worked with Hayes…

January 25, 2024

Four Takeaways from NCDOT’s 11 NEVI Clusters

2024 is off to a momentous start for electric transportation in North Carolina. Most notably, the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) has released 11 sites that will make up the first phase of requests for proposals (RFPs) for eventual charging locations funded by the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Formula Program (NEVI). As a quick recap, NEVI is a federal…

January 23, 2024

Randolph County’s Electric School Bus

Electric school buses are rolling out across the country. They’re reducing emissions, safely transporting our kids to and from school, and saving operators money. We’re thrilled to see electric buses driving these benefits in North Carolina communities. It’s with great excitement that we share the electric school bus journey of Randolph County Schools, Carolina Thomas, and longtime partners, Randolph Electric…

January 16, 2024

Plug-in NC Takes to Summer School

The autumnal equinox has officially marked our passing from summer. If you haven’t been keeping up with your celestial calendar, the fall foliage, cooling temperatures and steady dosing of pumpkin spice lattes bring ever-clearer signals of our transition. Whatever you did this summer — electric road trips, beaches, pools, live music, national parks — we hope you enjoyed it. One…

October 9, 2023

Regulatory Update: North Carolina Utilities Commission Approves Duke Energy’s Customer-Operated EVSE Tariffs

It’s a busy time for electric transportation in North Carolina. We frequently share updates on new charging stations, manufacturing facilities, grant programs and vehicle options, but over the coming weeks, we’ll be writing about a topic less in the public eye but every bit as important: the recent flurry of regulatory activity. Specifically, we’ll be focusing on: The North Carolina…

September 18, 2023

Circle K Charging Challenge

Earlier this summer, we teamed up with Circle K to highlight its bold strategy to deploy electric vehicle (EV) charging stations across its locations nationwide. Its work in the Carolinas is leading the way with eight locations and counting. To celebrate National Drive Electric Week (Month?) and share some hype around these new charging sites, we’ve kicked off part two of our Circle K…

September 13, 2023

Electric Transport Refrigeration Units Offer A Cleaner, Quieter And Cheaper Way To Store Perishable Goods

The electrification of medium- and heavy-duty vehicles in North Carolina is gaining momentum, and for good reason — they can have dramatic impacts on air quality and operational costs for fleets. According to the NC Department of Environmental Quality, medium- and heavy-duty gas and diesel vehicles make up just 3.2% of our state’s registered vehicles but produce 26% of on-road nitrogen…

August 4, 2023
EVs Parked at Circle K DC Fast Chargers in Dobson, North Carolina.

Circle K Leads The Way: Reimagining Our ‘Fueling’ Future

What makes for a good charging stop? Individual electric vehicle (EV) drivers may have their own criteria, but a few characteristics typically make the cut. We want stations to be fast, reliable and available, sure, but we also often look for places to stretch our legs, grab a bite and restock any trip essentials. Unlike refueling internal combustion engine vehicles,…

June 29, 2023

Wake Tech Is Fueling the Future of Electric Transportation in North Carolina

On Tuesday, February 21st, Wake Technical Community College (Wake Tech) celebrated a $939,041 investment for training the electric vehicle (EV) workforce of the future. The funds come from the $26.9 million Wake County is receiving as part of the $1.7 trillion spending bill that President Biden signed in December. The announcement took place on Scott Northern Wake Campus at the…

March 13, 2023

Electric Vehicle Mythbusting

With myths about EVs still out there, we busted a bunch of the common ones we’ve seen.

March 1, 2023

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